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Ihre Vorteile mit abroadband


abroadband offers you plenty of advantages!

abroadband is the perfect solution if you’re travelling abroad and you want to be online – anytime & anywhere.

Your data is protected when surfing with abroadband!

How much can I surf with € 0,54 or one MB?
One MB allows you to send about 40 text e-mails, make around 80 Google searches, surf on Facebook or LinkedIn 5 times. With Skype mobile, one MB is enough to send and receive about 15 messages a day and make one Skype call (no video / audio only) of about 4 minutes.

Affordable price

With abroadband, you pay only € 0.54/MB when surfing in any of more than 60 countries around the world! This means that you can save up to 80% on regular data roaming prices!

Pay only what you really use

abroadband is the perfect tariff plan for your travels abroad. You pay only when you really use abroadband. Surf now, pay later – because abroadband is fair!

Real-time cost manager

The real-time cost manager gives you full control – anytime and anywhere! This way you’ll always know your exact costs.
In case you forget to check your costs, abroadband will automatically inform you when your charges reach € 60.

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